How a Couple of Musical Theater Classics Keep People Entertained

How a Couple of Musical Theater Classics Keep People Entertained

Broadway shows august 2016 is a place where there is always something new to look into, and that is a major part of the appeal. Dedicated musical theater fans love to look forward to fresh new productions, often seeking out tickets as soon as they become available. While the vast majority of these new shows must necessarily fade into history not so long after opening, a few select ones turn out to be so good that they can hang on for far longer. Some of the most desirable and sought-after Broadway theater Tickets today, in fact, are for shows that have been around for decades.


One of these productions is the inimitable Cats, a spectacle that first debuted over thirty-five years ago now. With an iconic costume design approach that is still instantly recognizable today, Cats turned a great many heads when it first took to the stage. While the show can seem a little dated, in certain respects, compared to more modern Broadway productions, shows on broadway 2016 remains a consistent favorite. Particularly among the millions of tourists who come to Manhattan every year, seeing a live performance of Cats remains a highlight of the trip for a great many.


Another longtime favorite has roots that stretch back almost as far into Broadway history. Although the Phantom of the Opera was first staged only about five years after the inaugural performance of Cats, it seems to many like a much more contemporary show today. The distinctive styling of Cats calls to mind the late 1970s to broadway cheap tickets in ways that can make the show feel somewhat old-fashioned.


On the other hand, the early twentieth-century milieu of the Paris Opera House that Phantom occupies seems to be something else entirely. By being sufficiently divorced from the real-life experiences of all in the audience, the setting of Phantom of the Opera comes across to most as something even more fantastic than that of the highly imaginative Cats. That strange bit of irony is likely part of what has helped make Phantom the longest running musical production of all time, with over 12,000 performances now having been staged in New York's famed theater district alone.


Even while many fans look forward most to seeing and enjoying the newest shows to hit the stage, the classics are always therefore welcome, as well. That ability to satisfy desires of such widely differing kinds is a big part of what makes musical theater in New York so rewarding and interesting to so many.